Bear Boy
Full name: Bear Boy
Aliases: Bear
Berry Bear
Fur: Golden
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Species: Dog
Age: 14 (deceased)
Date of birth: 1996
Date of death: 2011
Likes: Shiloh (deceased)
Tootie Fruity
Dislikes: Strangers
Family: Woods
Bear Boy is our awesome yellow lab, Bear Boy. He was such a great dog. We miss him dearly. He loved to play ball in the yard. He was cute and everybody loved him.


He was a very nice dog. He was not mean in any way, shape or form.

He liked to play ball in the back yard. He would bring the ball back to you so you could throw it again. He'd keep playing until you stop.

He did very well with the other animals. He was very nice to them and did not boss them around.

He always seemed happy. I don't think I've ever seen him sad a day in my life.

He liked going for car rides, too. He liked going to the property I think the most, because he had a nice long space to run around in.

He loved to get brushed and to be petted.

He loved to go for walks around the neighborhood.


Julian and BearEdit

Bear just loved Julian.

He would sit in Julian's room just to be by him. Even if Julian wasn't there, Bear would sit in his room and wait for him.

Julian liked Bear, too. Out of all the dogs, I think Bear was Julian's favorite.

Terry and BearEdit

Terry really liked Bear, too. He'd bring him to the property with him.

They would play ball together, too.


Shiloh and BearEdit

Main article: Shiloh

They were really good friends. They spent a lot of time together. They were around each other alot.


He was having joint problems and was in so much pain, so he was put down.