Full name: Gretchen
Aliases: Gretch
Fur: Golden
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Species: Dog
Age: 9
Date of birth: 2002
Likes: Shiloh (deceased)
Tootie Fruity (formerly)
Bear Boy (deceased)
Ollie (deceased)
Grandpa red (deceased)
Dislikes: People taking her stick
Being walked too slow
Family: Grandpa Red (formerly)
Woods (currently)
Gretchen is a german shepard that loves to run and play ball. She lived with Grandpa red and was later given to the Woods family.


She is still active. She'll run and play ball with you. She also has a stick and she tries to get you to chase her. Similar to the way Girl tries to get you to chase her.

She loves car rides. She always wants to go whenever they leave.

She is very nice but probably the wildest of all the dogs.

She likes going for a walk, but it's more like she's taking you for a walk. She likes to pull.


Grandpa red and GretchEdit

They had lots of fun together. He was her owner until he died. Now, the Woods family takes care of her.

Julian and GretchEdit

They are good friends. Julian will take Gretch for a walk in the wash behind their house.

Terry and GretchEdit

Terry likes Gretch, too. He'll play ball with her and take her to the property. Or just car rides in general.

Cathy and GretchEdit

They like each other, too. Cathy will brush her and tell her what a good girl she is. Gretch eats this up!


Ollie and GretchEdit

Main article: Ollie

They have a good friendship. They like to play a lot in the backyard. They were friends until Ollie died.

Tootie and GretchEdit

Main article: Tootie Fruity

Gretch loves to annoy Tootie. She'll come up and sniff Tootie and bat her with her snout. Sometimes Tootie will scratch Gretch.