Full name: Madcat
Aliases: BADCAT! (called as by kaarmon)
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Species: Cat
Age: 13 (Deceased)
Date of death: 1998
Likes: Everyone, but Julie the most because she brought him "cookies"
Family: Kaarmoan

Madcat was a cute cat that Kaarmoan used to have.


He loved to get petted more than he wanted to breathe. He sometimes used Kaarmon's legs as a scratching post. Because of this, Kaarmon went through alot pantyhose in the 80's.

Kaarmon Got him when she was twenty.

He used to play "Fetch" with Kaarmon and actually bring the ball back to her.

He learned how to open doors by using his paws on the doorknob.


He was 13 when he died down in Texas. Dom was just a baby then.